Another thought


To each of us, the writer of our own song…

No writers thought, no matter who they may be.

No rhythm captured by another.

Nor sparrow, or robin in the trees

Can teach another to sing as you can sing.


There is no scene on Broadway

There is no time

There is no memory

That can captivate as your song does.


Even with each passing day

The melody changes

The song merely matures and grows

Strengthing and broadening its scope.


All the thanks to you

For you being who you are

There is but one hope for you the composer

That you do not forget who you are.


We can ill afford to lose one such as you.

For nobody can ever imitate,

Or form the note, high sharp, or low flat.

As only you can form your song.

At Times, It Would Appear…

At times it would appear to others, friends, as well as strangers that some have been lost in the shuffle of life’s cards. Maybe to them they believe we have turned the wrong way…given up on pursuing some life’s dream. Yet, one thing is always prevalent in each spirit…the purpose that leads anyone to live their own life as they see fit.

I could have as easily said cause, instead of purpose. But, any cause should never be the prevalent reason for the way we are, or the road we travel. For it is the spirit, if we care to listen, that resides within all of us that makes us the way we are and not some external source, or occurrence.

Do Not lose sight of the truth. The course we have taken is what we have chosen, and hopefully, if we choose wisely, we’re going in the correct direction in conducting our life. It might be as simple as to take a path away from someone else’s idea of the ideal existence. Through it all, maybe the ideal we chose to follow is not visible to those watching so they fail to see the true purpose of someone else’s life.

To live as one sees fit…is more than a conscious choice. For we cannot become what others want us to be…our spirit will not allow this to come to past for our spirit is what we truly are and what we should be consciously striving for in an known outwardly posture.

In any case, there should never be remorse for the course we have chosen…or, who we truly are. In the light of day if we examine our choices, we’ll see that when we chose a direction, or as way of life, it was a right choice at the moment we chose.

Of course, in the course of life there are times we all feel we have lost our way. We might begin to feel about some dream of youth that has been neglected, left behind or exchanged for another. But, in truth somewhere in life’s journey no dream really dies as we just settle for some degree of success and move on. Even that might play toward us achieving what we truly are destined to become…what we were born to eventually become…achieve…and, a way for each us to live the way we want.

For me, I had a number of a dreams, playing baseball, writing, and acting. I could have continued playing baseball, but there was another calling that took the main stage of my life. As for my writing, I still do that. Recently, I even attended a film festival in Austin, Texas. In regard to my aspiration of becoming an actor…I truly realize that I’m no actor.

In time, somewhere in our subconscious that which is more important in our life wins out. There is a measure, a scale if you will of life that tips in one direction over another to show who we truly are. It might be as simple as the need for another person that helps us to decide what is more important to us…or, maybe a caring and tender heart to soothe the some pain and helps us along our way.

I’m not saying that pain and sorrow doesn’t get in the way…as I’m not saying that success isn’t important, fame, or work, or any lifestyle should be shunned. Yet, maybe there should be a measure where we say that the cost is too steep not to move on to a happier and a more fulfilling stage in our life…by choosing what road to follow, and possibly reaching out beyond ourselves to help another along their way.

Years ago, more than I’d like to admit to, I came upon a troubled young girl. She was troubled because she was coming to gripes with who she was. And, she was wondering how she could fit in the world.

We talked for a while and I got to know her. She said she could sing, and explained one day she was going to show the world what she could do. But, as she shared I could sense there was also something else that was burning brightly inside her and it rose from who she was…

I told her she had something special inside her, explaining she could make a difference in a lot of people’s lives.

In truth, maybe this consuming love within her was more important than what success and fame could hold for her by itself. In her case, it was more a matter of a balancing act between fame and the tending to the pains of others than a sacrifice. What I was telling her was that She could have both and thus satisfy every desire of her spirit.

Of course it would mean she would have to give up some portion of fame she would otherwise obtain, but in the weights of that balance of success and the soothing of other’s pain her spirit would soar unrestrained.

I believe conscious choices rise from the subconscious to ring of some truth that we should never try to avoid or to try to shut out from the light of day. Otherwise, we become something other than what we truly are or what we need to become. For if we turn away from who we truly are, that is where the only true remorse sets in…that of a grieving the spirit.

As for my friend, I am certain what road she chose to follow.

I guess it comes down to knowing who we are, and being satisfied with the good we could do, or become.

And, of course it is never too late to gain some measure of a dream. That is why I continue to write. As for acting…who knows, maybe I could join some theater group.

As I share I can’t help but grow excited about tomorrow…for there’s no telling what tomorrow will bring, or who I’ll meet. Maybe that’s why I continue to write. So, my dreams remain alive, youth eternal, although reshaped…and, I can truly say I can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring…meeting, sharing, walking, hopefully growing more in understanding of others as I along with every other spirits go on our journey in this world.

Don’t be afraid to be, or become who you truly are. Maybe one day we will meet on our journey. To that day…

Act II: Scene III

Act II: Scene III

Curtain rises to review a darken stage.

The Stage’s lights slowly rise as if with the arrival of a new day’s sun.

With the coming up of the lights a person slowly becomes visible, standing in front of a mirror…a single tear rolls down the cheek.

The audience is still and silent, wondering.   

The voice shakes as the words start to filter out from the stage bringing a deafening silence from those watching as they begin to wonder all the more.  They strain to listen…leaning forward in their seats.

“A mirror doesn’t always tell the whole story.  You can’t be truly described by what’s seen on the outside.

A passing glance can only go so deep.

It takes a good look in the eye…right down to the very soul…to witness all the pain and confusion brewing inside.

A mere gaze can only go so deep.

The way a person feels…reveals certain indisputable truths we all know…that sets a fella and a girl apart.

Looks only go so deep.

Emotions, communication, even the way a person goes about solving a problem are said to set the sexes apart.

Looks alone only go so deep.

And tears fall, as confusion and pain mounts.  A man and woman’s emotions are apparent… a man is a woman…a woman is a man. But, what is perceived to be wrong isn’t so for those the emotions belong to. 

Looks alone only go so deep.”

Some say it’s not a matter of how old you are, but how old you feel.

But, I’m someone that would take that little verse and revise it…in saying that it’s not how you look on the outside, but how you feel in the inside…deep down inside where the soul resides…the person you truly are…the true essence of life itself.

It’s very important to be the person that you are. It’s the only true measure that others count on you to be.

The curtain shall never fall this night. The script will continue to be written and rewritten throughout the ages. 

And, as the people file out onto the streets…there are those that take with them a new understanding…one that is to be shared. 

Act II: Scene II

Act II: Scene II

Stage Right is lit – while the rest of the stage sits in dark.

A fully dressed woman stares at herself in a full-length mirror.

Those within the audience wonder what she is looking at.

She smiles kindly, as we all have at one time or another in witnessing the reflection staring back at us.

However, something is wrong. She hurries to the wings…leaving the stage bare and silent for a moment. She returns with her partner to stand with her within the very mirror she had just stared into by herself.

They both smile as they stare at the reflection of them standing close beside each other, holding hands, hugging, sharing a loving kiss.

Those within their seats look on, soon thinking if only there was someone else on stage it would be the perfect time for them to snap a photo of the loving couple sharing a moment in the mirror.

Any loving couple of any sexual orientation can play out this moment… Two hearts joined to form a loving union…fulfilling a basic need of sharing one’s life with another of their choosing.

With all the people in the world they have found each other, as fate has played its role in bringing two loving souls together.

Stage Right goes dark – Center Stage is lit 

Their occupations could be anything in the world…from a business owner, to a teacher, a social worker…to any position you can imagine in fulfilling a role of well-respected and valued members of the community.

They have friends of different sexual orientations, and different lifestyles…that prize their friendship.

Center Stage goes dark – Stage Left is lit

After work, they may enjoy a social setting at a local bar or cocktail lounge. They laugh as they enjoy a relaxing moment with each other.

An onlooker, after gathering his thoughts makes his unwarranted advance on one or both members of our loving couple.

Immediately after being informed that they are a couple, with a bruised ego, he unleashes an unfair torrid or snide remark that inquires, “What wrong with the loving couple?”

The couple’s tempers may flare for a moment as emotional pain is felt. Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with our couple.  They just found the truth. They‘ve found love in the arms of another woman.

Look…there is nothing wrong with this couple or the million others like them…they don’t need a priest…or a doctor…they can’t be changed from what they know in their very soul. So, don’t think you can change them. And, no they don’t need to meet the right man, or any man to fill their life.  They know what they’re searching for…true love in the arms of another woman.

As for any person in love…if you love someone that you trust with your heart…and, they love you and trust you with their heart no one can tell you that you’re wrong for loving them.

Now, go get that special someone and stand in the mirror with them.

Act II: Scene I

Act II: Scene I

Photographs of a loving home…memories of two hearts that came and remained together even though madness never ceased to abound all about their world.

Two souls kissed and became one to make a life like no other. Isn’t that what love is supposed to be…memories of a lifetime together?

Love…isn’t that what God intended for two people to share? And, I’m not talking about a house…with tables and chairs…a bed

Instead, what I’m referring to is a home…a lasting bond. But, all too often that bond is looked down upon because the union of two hearts doesn’t conform to someone else’s idea of what a marriage should consist of…all due to the fact of who they are?

Now, as I go along in my life I see a whole lot of people…with various ideas of what a marriage is…but, as for me…I don’t see a whole lot of difference between one person and another when you consider everyone is actually spirit.

Two people meet…they’re attracted to one another. Follow me so far? Stay with me.

Like I said before there’s a whole lot of people in this world…and everybody has their own idea of what a marriage should be…and some believe there’s only one kind of union for a marriage…

No matter who you are I can’t see how anyone can say that a gay, bisexual, or a lesbian couple can’t be in love and marry…just because their marriage doesn’t conform to their way of thinking.

Now, at various times early in my life I was graced with knowing three beautiful bisexual ladies. At the time of knowing them, we were of the same age. But, for whatever reason these three relationships didn’t last…mainly due to yours truly.

The first young lady I met in Canada. She was just coming into knowing who she was when we ran across each other. Our being together regretfully was very brief because in that time in my life I never stayed anywhere too long…

…A story in itself is what I was doing in Canada in my early teens. But, that’s a story for another time…maybe…

As for this cute little love, I really cared for her. She was a tough little girl…with a tender heart that was truly made of gold. Truthfully, she only came out sounding tough…because that’s how she had to be in her situation…otherwise she would have been taken advantage of because of being alone at such a tender age.

As for the reason she was alone in the woods…no one has to look far to know the truth…if you know and understand her being her.  But, this time alone afforded her the chance to fully find herself.

Sadly, after I left I never saw her again.

A few years later, I met and fell in love with a beautiful young lady who I knew going into the relationship she knew who she was and she was proud of it.

Now, I guess some might wonder did I ever have doubts about her being true to our relationship. I can honestly say I had no fear. Although she was bisexual and was attracted to curves…she quieted all my fears by her making me understand and truly believe she wanted to be with me.

You must understand, bisexuals can be attracted to both male and females. And, they can be as comfortable with either in their life. In saying that, understand they will be as true as everyone else to the person they are with.

BUT, DON’T even think they are into threesomes. That’s someone of a very extremely different orientation, and they’re not bisexual.

Our apartment was very comfortable. There were curtains by the windows, pictures on the walls. None of which I put up. They were in place before I came into the scene. The rooms were clean in spite of me being me at that time in my life.

When my friends came over for a visit, or we met at some restaurant they were initially surprised how she presented herself. But, why should they?  She was a lady with love and respect and understanding and consideration for everything around her. She was no different than any other female…she wanted romance, long tender kisses, consideration, and to love and to be loved by the person of her choosing…with hopes and aspiration of living her life with that person… whomever it might be for the rest of her life, male or female. She was no different than anyone one else…she wasn’t hurting nobody.

But, yet there were some that despised her for no other reason than she was different than them. They even made up lies about her at work and got her fired. That hurt her beyond any hurt I could possibly know…not about being fired…but, being lied about.

No explanation is clear enough for those that close their minds. What’s even worse is when someone believes lies before truly trying to learn the truth.

We eventually talked about getting married. But, in the end, I messed up. She had been very true to me, but…me being me at that time in my life…I was sent off.

The third young woman was sadly trapped by the world of religion. She was never going to be who she truly was until she broke away from the chains that bound her. Although she looked almost dreaming…I could tell she was being helplessly tied up by the fear of guilt. Guilt of not what she was doing, but who she was inside.

Whether you want to believe it or not, religion can put people in bondage. It has long been known and practiced that to keep a populace in check to a state or religion you must put rules in place…furthermore there must be implied that with failure to follow those rules there is a penalty.

This bond between church and God…people and church can be very strong especially if you’ve raised with it your entire life. But, if you look closely between the lines…how much is truly God speaking.

I believe God put us on this world to love him. And, what better way to show God’s love than to give oneself to another with the thought to be with that one heart forever…no matter who that person is.

I don’t know if this young lady ever found herself. But, I pray that she did. Because she was a good soul and deserves true love in return…not only the love she would get from someone else, but a love she should holds for herself in being who she is.

God’s gift of love…a gentle kiss…a tender embrace…wanting us to be who he made us to be.

Photographs of a loving home…memories of two hearts that came together even though madness abounded all about their world. They clung to one another in some safe harbor far enough away from the crashing waves.

Two souls kissed and became one to make a life like no other. Isn’t that what love is supposed to be. The memories…of the sharing of a life together.

Love…isn’t that what God intended for two people to share? And, I’m not talking about a house…with tables and chairs…and, a bed.

I’m talking about a loving marriage no matter who the couple is, a girl with a girl, a boy with a boy, or boy with a girl…there’s no difference…when you’re in love you’re in love.

Now, as I go along in my life I see a whole lot of people…with various ideas of what a marriage is…but, as for me…I don’t see a whole lot of difference between one person and another when you consider everyone is actually spirit.

There’s a lot of discrimination is the world…against blacks, sexual orientation, immigrants (that’s funny…immigrants…other than my mother’s people everyone’s an immigrant in America).

But, of all the discrimination in the world why should there be discrimination against someone loving someone else. They’re in love…and, isn’t that what we really want in life…to love and to be loved. So, why should anyone be against someone being in love?


The Stage Act I: Scene II

The Stage: Act 1 – Scene 2

Truth can be painful in many ways. Remember, there are always dangers in being who you are. And, if you feel you’re standing alone the odds are really stacked against you.

Although it is true that each and every person has the right to be what God himself has ordain them to be…it does not mean that the treatment that follows is always just. Understand not everyone believes you have the right to be who you are. In certain circles it might be wise to temper your feelings and actions for a while until you can find an ample amount of support…and, growth.

Even at your home, or at a friend’s home you might find the door slammed in your face for your being who you are…be prepared.  As unfair as that might sound, it’s the way of the current world. Try not to put yourself in a position, or place your very being in danger. Of course, remain true to yourself and wait until you have matured in age to stand up on your own…but, this is not the time. Don’t be in a rush. Time is on your side…be patient and grow into maturity…I promise one day everything will come into focus as you grow and time  passes.

Instead for now find additional support down various avenues…It could be a school counselor that has some training in the subject of bullying, or in such family matters…or, members of the LGBT.

Of course if you feel comfortable in sharing who you are with family and casual friends, don’t sugarcoat your words. Don’t be brash, but don’t be ashamed either…or, try to be something you’re not.

As for the young man he must now be careful who he opens up to.  For him he’s in uncharted territory. There are those that will prey upon him without warning, or try to change him. Instead he must remain secure in the belief that he is what he believes himself to be and give himself time to grow and become stronger.

If you do want certain friends and family members to know they may need time to adjust. Show them that you haven’t changed. After all, you’re still the same person you’ve always been, only now you realize who you are. Just as they realized who they are…you have learned who you are. In any case it will take time…most likely there will be hurt…but, after the hurt there will be a need for a time of healing…healing for you and for them.

(More to come)

The Stage Act I: Scene I

The Stage Act I: Scene I

School Grounds

The stage has been set…the roles cast. With what would seem to be a time the entire world will be watching, waiting for what is to be played out on life’s stage the curtain rises.

Upon the stage:

A young man is nervous, but not torn over his decision of wanting to make himself known to at least one close person. It’s very important to feel comfortable of who you are before confiding that fact to another, even a close friend.

The first step is the acceptance of yourself and your sexuality.

Next comes the time when you know you’ll be much happier if you can confide in someone of who you are. That time for this young man has arrived.

There are as many paths that lead to this day…as there are people who travel them…each person with their own special tale to tell of their journey. This is only one tale…this young man’s tale. As for this young man’s trek, to this point he hasn’t even told his family what he has come to know of himself.

To many the simple act of informing the family of someone’s orientation might not be a problem, if the moment is handled gingerly and with care and understanding of the folk’s psyche…explaining how you feel inside.

But, this young man’s family is very religious. Then, again he hasn’t changed… nor has he done anything wrong in being gay seeing that this is how God made him. So, why would the family object to him being gay?

It’s very important to understand that not everyone is the right person to confide in, especially when you’re first stepping forward into the light…as many are uncomfortable with the idea of someone being gay and they are not ready to let go of the old prejudices…this fact might even extend to the family. But, don’t rule out the family unless you know for certain they will never understand.

The fact is, in the beginning it’s so very important you get support…from someone you can rely on, someone with a sympathetic, loving heart. That support, if not from a family member has to come from a friend that you can trust to remain standing at your side when the truth is made public. It’s also important to find the right place, a comfortable surrounding wherever it might be for you to initially share the fact that you are now a valuable member of a community that is to be visible…as well as being a vital member of a society that includes everyone.

His friend, a young miss has been sitting on a bench in front of the school, waiting patiently for him to arrive. They’ve been friends since first grade, and she always knows when something is troubling him.

For a while now, she’s known something about him that he’s tried to hide…for a time even from himself. She’s knows her best friend is gay and the fact that he’s gay doesn’t bother her at all. In fact, she’s tried to make it easy for her friend in making sure he knows she’s there for him…and, that she’ll never turn away, or forsake him.

The biggest thought she keeps in mind is the thought of how she would feel if the situation was reversed in the world, and heterosexuality was viewed in a differently light. This one thought brings a sort of understanding of what is being felt.

When he finally shows up, he tells his friend that he has something important to share with her, something he’s been thinking over for some time on how he’d share it with her. He hopes she’ll understand.

She smiles, and tells him she’s his friend and she’s there for him.

The curtain comes down…stay seated for Act I: Scene II (coming in the next few days)


The scene shown above is a very-very brief look at what could play out. But, of all the truths that confront each and every one of us is the basic fact that…It can not be right, or healthy to suppress the person you truly are.

The first step in the right direction is taking pride in who you are in becoming a member of a community that has the right to be visible. As with everyone else in this world you have the right to be who you are.

You have the same if not similar aspirations as everyone else…the wants, the cares, the wishes, and the hopes for the future are no different than anyone else’s dreams. So, be proud of who you are and prepare to make your dreams come true.

Without a doubt coming out is a difficult time, but it’s essential that you eventually open up to the world and the people around you. As time passes, when you feel the moment is right it will be important for you to try to make new friends, regardless of their orientation, whether they be gay, straight, or bisexual…remember there are good people out there that are very understanding and can easily become positive supporters for you if you give them a chance.

Just remember beyond all else…BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE!

But, there are some that believe they are not so fortunate. Here’s a small prayer for those that feel they are all alone…in hopes that soon there will come to realize they aren’t really alone at all…For there are a lot of people that are just like them                             

               A promise to be fulfilled

May despair never rob you of who you are…Know that there are people just like you.

They may wait just a short distance away…In hopes of finding someone just like you.

For all that all of you are going through…Know they are waiting there just for you.

Find them and together you shall make it through….

Never give up my friend…for the beautiful spirit inside of you is meant to be known…to be shared and to be cherished by someone just like you…and, they are waiting just for you…



hi…shy and timid one.

hi…shy and timid one.

Don’t be afraid of being who you are.

There’s a whole new world outside…and, it’s waiting for you to take your place in it.

And, there’s many others just like you…and, still others willing to listen and understand.

I know you’re in pain…so, are a whole lot of other good souls that are just like you…unsure of what lays ahead. But, don’t be afraid as you can’t be anyone else other than who you are.

And, if you think about it…there can’t be any better way of living YOUR life than in the way that God truly intended you to be.

Take a  moment, and breathe…and know that you are real, and that you are perfect just the way you are.

(more-see Light From Darkness)


Sadly, in order to have a powerful truth, there must also be an equal and damaging lie lined up against it. ..which makes the real  truth shine that much brighter.

But, because of these lies all too many of the truths that should be treasured are lost, replaced by the lies that gain prominence to become so engrained in society that they become the truth and the norm.

But, be sure of this…in so much that light follows darkness and with each change of day from light to dark and back again a cycle is formed…and with the birth of each new day truths are renewed, changing the norms to allow the real truths to be embraced.

This takes time…as well as a lot good people that reach out to truly understand.


I believe there is nothing we can’t accomplish together…this is the mark of our combined strength, a testament of who we are on an issue as we link arms against the rising tide that faces us. And, what lie can prevail against the truth forever when we stand up against it together.


Please Read the Following Rules Carefully:

Please Read the Following Rules Carefully:

Rule #1

Live your life the way you want to live it…loving the person of your choice. I hereby allow it, for it’s the only way for anyone to be truly happy. After all doesn’t everyone deserve to be happy…why not you, me and everybody else for that matter?

Rule #2

When you find that special someone – Love that person…no matter who they are, or who you are…with all your heart, body and soul. Give them long warm hugs and kisses every morning when you wake up. Give them long warm hugs and kisses when you say goodbye. And, more important save the warmest hugs and kisses for when you two go to bed together.

Rule #3

Drop the silent treatment…that only brings pain to the both of you and it never really accomplishes anything except for pulling the both of you apart. Tell them of the pain you feel, the whys and your needs. Then, listen…listen…listen…and make up…be sure there’s plenty of hugs and kisses.

Rule #4

If your traveling in a car or some vehicle Turn Off That Radio. If you think of reaching to turn it back on…pull your hand back.

Leave it off.

Leave the singing of some song to when you’re at some dance, but now it’s time to talk, to listen and to communicate…share your thoughts…that’s how we get acquainted…and, every once in a while we should all get reacquainted…with lots of hugs and kisses.

Rule #5

Build a home.

And, not just filling a box with things and calling it a home. Living in a box is just existing, and isn’t meant for sharing, caring, or truly being in love.  A home is some place special…where special people live that truly share, care, and are in love.

A home is where the heart truly resides…and when you truly find that someone never let anyone say you are wrong for loving that someone…for they’re not you.

Oh, I understand there are those that never had a home…I’m one of those people. But, at least now I know what love is. And, in reading this so do a lot of other people. So…there’s still hope for all of us.

(If any rules were missed—just make them up as you go along—it’s easy it’s called love and sharing.)

Full Circle

We start as a boy…a girl, a girl…a girl, a boy…a boy, innocently walking hand in hand…just babies…young at heart and spirit…true love of one another… children…innocence at its purest.

Friends…more than friends…we grow with an understanding that we are who we are. And, what’s more we accept one another as being who we each are…we share some of the same likes…some of the dislikes. But yet there is no strife or care to change the other but to accept…who each of us are as we walk hand in hand…arm in arm.

Sadly, time passes and we drift apart…soon friends no more.  Some say we have changed. But, it was the seasons that have changed as the years past…darkening our world…not me, not you. But, we still go our separate ways.

The seasons changed, Spring to Summer, Summer to Fall, Fall to Winter and back to Spring again. But, as with the passing of each season…and a new year dawns, some allow their world to make a full circle back to the time when we were so free…as little children filled with the understanding and the care to accept you as you, as you accept me for being me.

Full circle…a boy…a girl, a girl…a girl, a boy…a boy, willing to once more walk innocently hand in hand, arm in arm…just babies…children willing accept you as you are, as you are willing accept me as I am.

Full Circle.

Success is fleeting, but the care for another life is more precious than all the success in the world. I see a beautiful soul in you. I see the care and the love that exists within you that is meant to help all so many souls along their way. Success is fleeting, but the love in your heart will last forever. You are more precious than all the success in the world…you are the heart that can make a difference in those that are hurting…and needing to be accepted in the world around them.

Full Circle.

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